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Application & Admission

You have already earned a bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering, engineering science, bioengineering science, or an equivalent degree with 180 ECTS points. In addition, your English is at the level of “B 2”, while your German level should be basic (A1). You will also need to provide a 12-week industry internship and successfully complete the aptitude assessment process. Once these requirements are matched, you are ready to “biofabricate”.


Process for determining aptitude

The aptitude assessment process is to be administered twice annually, in the summer term and winter term. Applications for admission to the master's programme Biofabrication are to be submitted by 15 June for the following winter term or by 30 November for the summer term (conditionally upon approval of deadline changes); applications are to be uploaded online by the stated deadline and in the required form.

Applicants have to register in the form of a Basis Account in CampusOnline.

National applicants can find the relevant information for the application here.

EU applicants can find the relevant information for the application here.

Applicants from outside the EU who have obtained their degree abroad have to upload the application documents also via uni-assist and undergo a fee-based checking procedure. Applicants can find the relevant information for the document checking process here.

After registration, the required documents can be uploaded in CampusOnline via the link Bewerbung / Application. 

The final Bachelor degree document can be submitted by 15 September (for the following winter term) or 15 March (for the following summer term) due to some reason beyond the applicant's control, in order to obtain final admission to the master's programme Biofabrication.

The application must include:

  • Evidence of work from the initial programme of study: Engineering Science, Material Science, or an equivalent degree, 

a) evidence of a degree from a higher education institution or an equivalent degree (in the case of having requested final admission to the master's programme) or

b) evidence of having earned 150 ECTS points or – in case of programmes not modularized according to the ECTS system – work that is equivalent in scope (in case conditional admission to the master's programme is requested).

  • In addition, an overview of previous coursework and examinations (Transcript of Records) providing the modules that were passed in relation to the master's programme Biofabrication and the relevant examinations, including examination grades and ECTS points earned as well as any transferred credits; or, in case conditional admission to the master's programme is requested, a provisional overview of completed coursework and examinations with the above-mentioned information.
  • The application is to include evidence of a strong command of English, level B2.

  • If applicable, an affirmative action application. 

  • In addition, a CV and a motivation letter.

  • Measures of qualification: A qualified degree from a higher education institution is valid for admission, if it encompasses the examinations that were passed comparable to the following relevant examinations of a science-oriented equivalent bachelor programme, in sum 40 ECTS (effective from May 2018):

– Ingenieursmathematik / Mathematics for engineers I-II (16 ECTS)

– Experimentalphysik für Ingenieure I / Experimental physics for engineers I (4 ECTS)

– Aufbau und Eigenschaften von Polymeren / Composition and properties of polymers (3 ECTS)

– Konstruktionslehre & CAD / Design & CAD (5 ECTS)

– Biochemie für Ingenieure / Biochemistry for engineers (4 ECTS)

– Biologie für Ingenieure / Biology for engineers (4 ECTS)

– Chemie für Ingenieure / Chemistry for engineers (4 ECTS)

Admission to the aptitude assessment process

Submission of the documents listed above on time and in full is a requirement for admission to the aptitude assessment process. Applicants who are not admitted are to be sent a notice of denial with a rationale and information concerning legal remedies available. 

The selection process consists of two steps: The first step is a preselection of the applications for admission to the master's programme Biofabrication that were submitted on time.

Those applicants who have a relevant first degree among the top 10% of the relevant cohort at the respective university, or the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) "Biomaterials and Biofabrication: Design, Engineering and Innovation" at the University of Bayreuth with certificate completion are considered to be particularly qualified.


The following are cases of insufficient aptitude:

1. if the grade for the above-described initial degree (in case final admission is requested) is not at least "sufficient" (“3,5”) or better, or

2. if the average grade for the work to be demonstrated amounting to at least 150 ECTS points as confirmed by the examinations office at the higher education institution they attended (in case conditional admission is requested) is lower than "3,5".

The second stage of the aptitude assessment process is an invitation to an interview for applicants whose aptitude as described above could not be conclusively established. The date and time of the interview are to be announced in writing at least one week in advance. The interview is to be approximately 20 minutes in duration. The interview should provide further insights into the applicant's aptitude and show whether he or she meets the requirements for the master's programme Biofabrication. For this purpose, the status of the applicant's competencies in the areas of biofabrication is to be examined. 

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