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Faculty of Engineering Science (ING.)

Biofabrication, Master of Science (M.Sc.)

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Why Biofabrication?

Help shape the future

Biofabrication is an emerging technological field that focuses on manufacturing structures for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. It is considered a modern growth sector. The top-level research and teaching, the highly motivated teaching staff in small classes, and the involvement of selected international partner universities and research institutions in the areas of biomaterials science, 3d bioprinting, and biofabrication all help enable a smooth transition to both leading academia and industry sectors. Be it further postgraduate studies, a demanding scientific career, or a leading position in a company, there is an increasing need for the skills addressed in the study programme.

Flyer in English (old version, PDF)

Flyer in English (new version 2023, PDF)

Fields of Employment

The objective of the master’s programme Biofabrication is to introduce you to interdisciplinary research topics and train you for a demanding, ethically responsible career as an engineer at the intersection of biomaterials engineering and biomedical technology. You will find challenging opportunities in many different occupational fields, for example:

  • institutional and industrial research: fundamental research in medicine and biomedicine, especially in the area of biomedical engineering
  • industrial development: developing medical implants and technical aids for diagnosis, therapy, and monitoring market approval for medical use
  • clinical medical technology: operating complex systems, advising physicians, safety inspections

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